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Please complete the following information to be considered for the CSEE Program:

Class size is limited, and admission will be competitive. In order for this program to be of maximum value, it is important that participants are in a position to influence board-level issues within their organizations. Admission will be based on responses to the questions in this application, and in some cases, a telephone interview. Competitive and needs-based scholarships are available. Contact Kitty Cornett, CSEE Program Coordinator, for more details (

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1. What interests you most about this program? What are some of the main reasons you would like to attend, and/or what do you hope to gain from attending this program?

2. To help us better understand your organization, provide a brief description of its core mission and/or goals.

3. How would you describe your organization's workforce? For example, approximately how many paid employees vs. volunteers do you have, etc. [Note: Your response does not have to be exact; just provide enough information to help us understand the general size and makeup of the organization.]

4. How would you describe your role in the organization? For example: To whom do you report? Who reports to you? Do you have regular contact with your organization's board of directors, etc.?

5. Describe one or more specific, board-level / board-worthy issue or problem that you need to tackle in the coming year. For example: issues that are of critical importance to the future of your organization, issues over which you have real influence or control and will be held accountable for addressing, etc.

The cost of the year long CSEE program is $6,000. Tuition includes all program fees, executive coaching, materials, books, campus parking, breakfasts, lunches, and snacks while on campus, a mounted Certificate of Completion from the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business, and a graduation celebration for you and invited friends and family. (Tuition does not cover student travel costs or room and board.)

Competitive and need-based scholarships are available to cover up to half the tuition costs. Scholarship requests are reviewed on a case by case basis by the program director, Dr. Alex Miller. The scholarships are competitive, so early submission is recommended. If you wish to apply for a scholarship to the program, please complete section #6.

6. Include an explanation of your need and the amount of tuition you will be able to fund and the amount of scholarship you therefore are requesting.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Successful completion of the CSEE program requires your commitment to attend all scheduled class sessions and complete all assignments on time. Unforeseen emergencies do happen, and for this reason, students are allowed to miss 1/2 day during the 10 month program. Classes are videotaped for these purposes. If a student misses more than the allowed ½ day, they must then attend the missed portions of the residency period(s) with the next year’s class in order to earn the course certificate. By checking the box below demonstrates my understanding of and commitment to the CSEE attendance policy.

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Billing Information:

Your invoice will be sent via email unless requested otherwise. The program payment is due upon receipt of the invoice, unless other arrangements are made with Director of the program. We accept check, money order, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Admission Process:

Class size is limited to 18 participants. Admission is competitive and based upon a telephone interview once the application has been received. Competitive and needs based scholarships are available.

Applications can be also downloaded and mailed to:

c/o Kitty Cornett
1000 Volunteer Blvd, Suite 603
Knoxville, TN 37996

or faxed to (865) 974-4989, Attn: Kitty Cornett.

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